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Best URL Shortener & Link in Bio website for free. If you have a short time, Click on the below button for instant access. It is an extreme link shortener and link in Bio service free for everyone.

Best URL Shortener

when it comes to sharing a link with your audience, but the URL is too long, that never looks good. Now you have to short the URL or Link that seems so intelligent. But popular link shortener services like bitly, cuttly, rebandly, and more never give you their top features for free. So does it mean?

Url Shortener Best

It means you can not make your URL smart that deserves promotion or marketing. I found a website, and they are offering all the premium features for free. Like

Best Link Shortener Features:

  • Innovative Domain name [ItWise.Link]
  • Custom Alias
  • Password Protected
  • Schedule
  • Group Link
  • Custom Title
  • Custom Description
  • Custom Tags
  • Expiration Click
  • Location Targeting
  • Device Targeting
  • Platform Targeting

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Domain Name:

When we short URL, we choose a link shortener service that provides a short and brilliant unique domain that literary deserve to share. So I think itwise.link will fulfill your requirement.

Custom Alias:

Most of the famous link shortener service doesn’t allow custom alias or unique URL name without Premium subscription, but itwiselink give you full permission to change your URL alias.

Password Protection:

If you active password for your generated link. No one can reach the destination site without giving the password. So you have the ability who can see your content which is not.

Schedule Link:

It is a handy feature. If you active schedule link, you have to select a time range when people can access your short link.

Group Link:

If you have lots of short URLs, you can manage them with the group link feature. You can store all your link by category.

Link Title:

It is essential for SEO. If you give a title for your short link, it will be shown automatically on an embedded post and signal to the SEO bot crawler.


Tags are significant when you find any short link by their terms. If you have many URLs and tag them by particular words, your short link will be shown first by their terms when you type any of the words on the search bar. I think it is an excellent action.


It is similar to the link title. You can add some information about the link you shorted, So people will know what type of link it is.

Expiration Click:

The link will be expired after a specific time of clicks. You can add a limitation of clicks for link expiration. It is instrumental for any pre-booked items or products.

Location targeting:

Location targeting is another excellent feature that can be used for a specific country’s people. If you want to sell a product only for a particular country’s people, you need to select the country when you are short the link. It can be accessible for those country-located people.

Device Targeting:

Device targeting is similar to location targeting features. You have to choose a device when you short a link or URL. People can access the link only for your selected device.

Platform Targeting:

Platform targeting is an operating system targeting. You can target which operating system can pass through the link. It is a perfect function who want to specific operating system people can go through your link. If you’re going to sell digital products for particular platform users, it can be handy.

Url Shortener Amazon

URL Shortener for Twitter:

If you are looking for a URL shortener for Twitter, it can be the best link shortener service for you. You can use custom pixels for your Twitter ads and track all your click information. You can track where they came from, what device they are using, and many more critical data you can easily follow.

URL Shortener Amazon:

ItwiseLink can be an ideal data informer for amazon. You can track your conversion for amazon. You can track Location, Device, Platform, Click, and any other custom data.

Link in BIO

This link shortener service supports the Link in BIO feature. So you can create your contact or bio page with massive popular customization. Nowadays, we need a bio page where people can know about us or even contact me. Link in BIO page mainly performs for portfolio. You can add your contact information, Social media link, profile photo, descriptions, and other data.

What Features Offer ItWiseLink for Link in BIO?

  • Custom Personal Page
  • Custom Page link address
  • Your Photo
  • Text [Your Descriptions]
  • Social Links
  • Custom Background
  • Custom Font
  • Custom Button, Color, Size, Shape
  • and all other features that are included on the link shorted.

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